Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Gravitron

Heaven help those who dare to ride the Gravitron. For the uninitiated, it's the carnival ride that's shaped like a space ship (round). You get in and stand against the wall, and it spins really, really fast, until centrifugal forces lift you up and away from gravity's pull.

I think it should be called the Vomitron. And my kid (bravely holding on, post-ride, whose face is the same color as the pole) agrees. She bounced around the school carnival with her two best friends and sisters, practically leaping into the Gravitron after several rides on the Twister and the Zipper and a plunge down the big, curvy slide. "It's no big deal," she smiled. And, judging by her success with the other rides -- and her general lack of motion sickness -- I took off with my uber-large bag of Kettle Korn to peruse the silent auction while my husband waited outside the Gravitron door.

Well, you can tell by the photo what happened next. She wobbled over to a shady bench and held onto this pole while her sisters rode a few more crazy rides, until she was practically horizontal and begging to go home. I guess sometimes, as much as you want to ride against gravity's pull, your little body just can't take it.

Stay on the ground, little rider. Stay on the ground.

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