Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Today, while Raf was opening his plethora of birthday cards and Valentine wishes over his morning coffee, I got choked up.  Not just about how much I adore him, or how good our life together is, or how I'm happy he's my Valentine, but how much I'll miss them while I'm in Italy for the next two weeks.  I leave in the morning.  

As I wiped a stray tear away and gulped my coffee (caffeine always makes it better, doesn't it?), he said, "You have to go.  This is what you love."

I didn't seem convinced and he let this doozy fly:

"You know, each of the five of us has a life separate from the other four.  It's important that we pursue what we love individually, or else it will ultimately be bad for all of us."

When we make a wish, it may affect everyone... but maybe for the best.


  1. so true, I hope you have the most amazing time; wish I was coming with you.

  2. It is your time Erin...di attraversare my friend.

  3. Wow, that Raf surely is a keeper - so sweet and very wise! Have a fabulous time!!