Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Magic of My Dining Room Table

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a workshop called "From Blog to Book," featuring my writing coach, Erin Reel (aka "The Lit Coach").  I don't know that I had any idea what to expect, but I definitely wanted to share Erin's point of view and inspiration with my writer friends.  In fact, I made a point of inviting friends who were either not bloggers or didn't consider themselves writers... because I felt as though the workshop might offer them the little push they needed to jump-start their creative juices.

And boy was I right.  Not only did we learn a lot from Erin (who did a little creative "off-roading" in the interest of serving our very chatty, funny, and engaging group) but we learned a heck of a lot from each other.  A few of the attendees had met before, but many hadn't.  It gave me the opportunity to be a "connector," one my best talents, and put like-minded souls next to one another to collaborate and innovate.  

I sat back and enjoyed the magic of this group sitting around my dining room table.  Women sharing stories, sharing ideas, recognizing their own talents and seeing the value in their individual perspectives.  It was dazzling to participate in such a stew of creative process and appreciation.  From that table, inspiration grew like Jack's magic beans, circling the room and bursting through the roof.  In the week since, I've had the pleasure of reading many new blog posts from the women around that table.

And yeah, I've been a little smug, a little "I told ya so." 

Check out the blogs:

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  1. Thank you for being such a fabulous, inspired and gracious host, Erin! YOU inspired me. It was lovely to connect with such a dynamically talented group of women.

  2. Thank you for hostessing the ladies power event of the season!
    The white gloves came off I had soo much diggin in with everyone! I am officially starting the "enchanting erins" fan club. Provided biscotti and nougat will be served.
    Luscious hugs