Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting to Know Me...

I’m not real big on doing what I’m supposed to, especially when it’s online. I will generally not forward chain emails, which means I’ve probably had all sorts of voodoo placed on me from the internet gods.  It also means you will likely not have to wade through a bunch of recipe exchanges or “oh my god, there was a granny luring young girls into a dark van at Target” emails from me; if I forward something to you, I have hand-selected you from my friends because that particular email may mean something to you…or else it’s spam and you can just delete it.

But my super good friend Kendra posted this on her blog. Of course, I avoided it for a week, but now I’m ready to play.  If you have a blog or a Facebook account, feel free to play along.  (But please know I won’t be checking in on you or waving a wand and putting a whammy on you if you don’t!)

The rules:

1.  post these rules.
2.  post a picture of yourself and 10 random things about yourself that people may not know.
3.  answer the questions set from the original post.

4. create 10 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. go to their facebook page or their twitter and let them know you've tagged them.
10 random things about me:

1. I love Taylor Swift songs. They sometimes also make me cry, which is really lame in my workout class during final stretch, I assure you.

2. My deepest desire in a parallel universe would have been to move to NYC and become a rock journalist in the vein of Cameron Crowe.

3. I drink green juices or smoothies every day. You know what I mean by green? Kale, spinach, avocado, parsley, ginger… I love ‘em. And if I don’t drink one, it sorta throws me off. I would actually rather drink one of those than coffee… and that’s a big deal, y’all.

4. I sing at an open mic night near our house. I’m not super good and sometimes I’m so nervous I can barely remember the words, but I still look forward to it.

5. I don’t feel like I’m 40. I guess I don’t know what exactly 40 is supposed to feel like. Maybe I’m just not good at it yet??

6. One of my greatest talents is connecting people. I wouldn’t hang a shingle on my door as a professional networker or anything, but if I hear that someone is looking for something specific, I will generally know the right place for them to look… or else the answer comes to me a few days later. It’s a mysterious talent.

7. I don’t regret not having a son.

8. Kendra had to teach me how to wear high heels a few years ago in Vegas and now I’m addicted. Thank god my husband’s tall.

9. When I visit my parents or go to Austin, I kind of lull myself into believing that I actually grew up in Texas.  And I didn’t.

10. My favorite smell in the whole world is citrus blossom – lemon, orange, tangerine, lime… Yum.

1. what is the most important quality that you look for in a friend?

2. what is one thing you regret-big or small?
not applying to more than one university.

3. can you stand up in a crowd and give a speech?

4. coffee or tea? when was the first time you had it?
I love coffee, but I am becoming a tea fan, too. I lived in Italy when I was a teenager, so that was probably when I first had coffee…

5. your all time favorite movie and why?
“The Darjeeling Limited”… We saw it after my father-in-law died and the themes of the three brothers feeling lost after the death of their father hit very close to Raf’s heart.  Plus, it’s India, Adrien Brody and Wes Anderson with Kinks songs… I can watch it over and over.

6. if you had to choose between wearing a dress everyday or wearing heels everyday which would it be?
heels for sure

7. favorite dessert?
ice cream in any form – gelato, sorbet, coconut ice “cream”…

8. whats in your purse right now?
red wallet bought in France, checkbook, three pens, a sharpie, a gift certificate for a massage, a coupon for a facial, a list for Target, two spin pins, a tampon, a Michael Kors lip gloss/perfume combo stick

9. who was the last person you laughed with? what did you laugh about?
Raf... and who knows why? Kids, life, dog… there’s a lot to crack up about.

10. when was the last time you were so excited you couldn't sleep? why were you excited?
When I’m on retreat in Ojai, I usually can’t sleep at night because I’m so excited about spending days on end with my yoga friends AND I’m nervous about over-sleeping and missing meditation. I just don't want to miss out on anything!

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