Saturday, February 16, 2013

Okay, I'm a Muse

(Sometimes I can't find the perfect shot to go with my words, but this one was kind of magical, too.)

Right, so I'm working on a book and I'm nearly through the second draft (don't get too excited because the second draft reads like the first draft should have... but I digress...), but I realized in the midst of writing about magical creatures that perhaps I've missed an important detail in my own life. 

I'm a muse.

Like those mythological sisters who inspired excellence and beauty and art from mortals, I'm on a mission to gently whisper inspiration to those who seem to be sitting on the fence between "reality" and their dreams. I try to tap them with a single finger and, in essence, push them over the fence and into the garden where their dreams can bloom.

These moments are even sweeter when the "mused" person is merely an acquaintance, someone who doesn't know my strengths or absurd desire to inspire. And I had another one yesterday, when author Christine Ashworth, the president of the Los Angeles Romance Writers Association, emailed me to say that a tip I gave her has inspired a change in her diet. (You know how much I love Kris Carr. I just can't keep my mouth shut.)

Christine gave me a shout-out on her blog, and she even spelled my name right (thanks, Christine!).

Inspiration is a funny thing. I can see when a person is ready for it and when (s)he isn't. And I'm not just a junkie for nutrition and green drinks, people. My super awesome friend Kendra - if you don't read her blog, you MUST! - went from telling me she's not a writer (pssshhaw!) to having 500 avid followers on her blog. And you know what? I begged her to start a blog.

And why? Why do I care what other people do? 

I guess that's the muse in me. I like to see the intersection of dreams and action. I like to be the catalyst for change. And I like to sit back and smile as I watch these tiny sparks of inspiration catch fire and become bright, blazing bonfires of creativity.



Be crazy, sexy and inspired today. If you're reading this, you're already part of the inspiration revolution!


  1. and that is why I adore you! You inspire me daily. Your voice often whispers in my ear, "You can do it. You should do it. Just do it." Much love!