Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Slice of Heaven

If everything goes well, this will be my new front view. No longer will I see the crazy white-haired dude in the kimono putting his trash on the street or watch a couple of clandestine lovers use the sidewalk just outside my fence as their rendezvous spot, his Mercedes parked behind her Escalade while they sit on my curb and smoke cigarettes, speaking in a foreign tongue.

If all goes as I think I want it to, my neighbors will be "neigh"-bors... horses. Not that I'm a horsey girl, but I love being around them. And, if I want one, I could maybe put in a stable. The house is zoned for horses; not that I would buy one, but I could. And I like that, too.

There are perks to the area: good schools, clean air, close to Malibu, small-town feeling in our neck of the woods. But the main perk is something I just can't pin down. I just like it out there. I do. Don't know why.

So if all goes smoothly, I will no longer be a Valley mom, the label I have worn with pride for years. I may have to reinvent myself. And I kinda like that too.

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