Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle little yarn...

You can't tell from this swatch-let, but this is the most sumptuous yarn... Yesterday, I made a yarn stop at my favorite knitting store, Abuelita's in South Pasadena and got all fevered about finding a good project for the winter. Yeah, you heard that right: next winter. It took me 3 years to finish a beanie, after all.

We have a big trip to Europe this summer and I needed a project to keep me occupied on the plane -- somehow, I tire of magazines and books and movies on long plane trips, but I love the soothing therapy of knitting.

I'm not a good knitter. I balk at big projects. But I love
Twinkle soft chunky yarn. So I find myself seeking out easy patterns that require huge needles and can be done faster than the delicate beanies of the world. I knit a kick-ass kelly green capelet a last year with Twinkle soft chunky and I am a believer.

All hail the fig-colored Twinkle and the over-long cable-knit shawl that it will create. I am half-way to my Winter 2010/11 style...


  1. I didn't know you knit! I do, too. Well, I took one group class about 4 years ago, and every so often I knit for the very same reasons you do. I have yet to make something that would actually be suitable to be worn in public, but maybe someday...

  2. April! You and I must schedule a knit & chat! xoxox E