Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have this friend, the woman in the picture, who is simply, purely luminous. Look at her. I had to use a black-and-white filter just to make the picture a little less sparkly, so that you could look at it without sunglasses or squinting. Anyway, it was her birthday and she turned... well, I don't really know how old she is. I can't tell. One moment, she's giving really great advice about motherhood or bending a compassionate ear about life's struggles or writing an amazing essay about a homeless guy she's seen down the street. And then the next moment, she'll tell you a joke her 9-year-old son's friend told her that day and then she'll laugh until you laugh and then you're both laughing so hard you're crying, then you're nearly peeing your pants and later neither of you can even remember the punch line. She's that woman. And she's such a bright star. Wouldn't you be clapping, too?

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