Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Real Texas Ranger

This morning, I got the following email from my dad.  I haven't changed a word (and you'll find it hard to believe that my dad was born in New Jersey; he seems to have Texas in his soul).  Although the Texas Rangers lost the World Series, the spirit of the real Rangers will live on. And here's why...

Yesterday Mr. Matt Dillon Bingham the Smith County District Attorney called and said that this Old Texas Ranger was going to be in his office and that he was going to have him sign this poster for me.  Glen Elliot is an Old Ranger, about 89 now and has written two books about the Rangers.  He’s an old school guy and one of the stories about him was that he chased a guy that crossed into Mexico, he parked his vehicle on the US side walked across into Mexico went into the bar where the culprit was, stuck a gun at his head and drug him back across the border.  The good old days when they didn’t worry about the paperwork, when the rule was you have the right to remain silent if you can tolerate the pain.  

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