Thursday, February 25, 2010

Delectable "mini" things at SV Moms/Bit Moms

Apart from my 6'5" husband, I like little things. Cuddly kittens, children, cupcakes with sprinkles. And this weekend I sort of fell in love with litl, a new non-computer internet player that looks like this:

There are so many "gadgets" out there competing for our attention and it seems as though my husband's iPhone can do everything except make my coffee in the morning (which my BlackBerry, much as I love it, cannot yet do). Anyway, I have often found myself toting my laptop to the kitchen counter so that I can follow a recipe instead of printing it out first OR to watch an episode of "Glee" on hulu while I empty the dishwasher. And, truthfully, I *have* wondered if there's a better way... And now, there's litl. I think it's about $700 and yes, I have the laptop, we have the iPhone, we don't need it... but I'm in love nonetheless.

Another cute mini thing I saw at the "Ritz"-y blogging event were the cupcakes from
Cinnabon. They were so darned cute and the price point is comparable (probably even a little lower - see? mini!) to all the fancy schmancy cupcakeries around town.

I had a carrot cake one, which was moist and sugary and super-frostinged - a good sign for a cupcake.
But of course there was also chocolate. It was a tough choice.


Yes, Whole Foods was there and I loved their offerings, too, which included mini sizes for their lunch kits. Thank goodness for balance. If not for that, I could certainly go "maxi" on my mini fixation...

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