Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ritzy Times with SV Mom Bloggers

My favorite blogging mamas (and carpool buddies): Yvonne Cordes, Kim Tracy Prince, Elise Derby Crane, Sarah Auerswald and yours truly.

Oh, how I love a good party with champagne, sweets, fun women and fabulous swag. And when it's thrown by Silicon Valley Moms, well, it's also informative and entertaining. This latest event, at the ultra-swanky Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, was an opportunity for bloggers and brands to converge and talk about how the blogosphere has changed the face of PR and marketing forever.
As one brand rep (for Taga Bike/Strollers, I'll talk about those later - they are brilliant) mentioned, the high-powered PR agency they hired in London was able to get them top placement in the best newspapers and publications and that translated into a good image... but the bloggers they worked with in Germany had formed an interactive biking group that translated into SALES.
So this day was about that connection, the symbiotic way that bloggers and brands must exist... Very exciting.

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