Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I do. It's not just a celebration of love, but of all things sparkly, red, tacky, feathery, glitzy, pink and gaudy. It's also my husband's birthday and thus, the day the love of my life was born.
To honor Valentine's Day, one must call on all the Muses and the Crafty Gods to create something suitably spectacular for loved ones. My own mother used to create treasure hunts for us when we were kids, so my brother and I would come home from school and have to dash from here to there (under couch cushions and in cabinets, under the sink and outside by a tree) to locate our valentines. I've done this with my own kids, too, and it was really fun during their "Dora the Explorer" fixation -- "First we go to the piano bench... next comes the guinea pig cage... and finally, the computer desk!" I also like treasure maps, but sometimes my inability to draw straight lines gets in the way.
I prefer to craft up a card or two for my kids instead, but sometimes even that seems to lack a little zazz. This year, I made shadowbox Valentines.

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