Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taga Stroller/Bike at SV Moms/Bit Moms event

Okay, so this looks like a fun bike with a huge shopping cart in front, right?

Well, look again... Now it's a stroller!

See, it's a bike (with a baby seat in the front) that can convert quickly and easily into a stroller!

The shopping cart thing is just an accessory that you can buy to put on it once the baby is grown -- the child seat is removable, you can add a second seat in the middle for another child, you can put on an adapter so that your infant car seat can be used... And when you get where you need to go, you flip the whole thing around, pull a few levers and voila! Insta-stroller!

I remember that I was flipped out over the amazing Bugaboo stroller when I had my last baby more than 5 years ago, but this thing... well, I'm in love. And I will not be needing the stroller, thank you very much.

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