Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feelin' a Vibe

I am moving, as I've mentioned before. In the new house, there is a wall, a GREAT wall in the living room and it's so large I have been at a loss to fill it.

And then I found this artwork on Craigslist. I have not bought it yet -- my husband is being a stick-in-the-mud about not buying things or decorating the house until we close escrow, geez! -- but this crazy thing has got my creative juices flowing.

Suddenly, instead of the quiet, subdued traditional modern style I've been using all these years in our Cape Cod-style Valley home, I'm seeing Carly Simon and James Taylor singing ballads in my living room, the rolling foothills of Agoura stretching out from the balcony. I see burnt orange, shaggy rugs, capiz shell lights, driftwood lamps... and this crazy gold sunburst artwork.

Didn't hurt that the current owner told me that Joan Baez has been to dinner there, either.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're starting to get excited. I'm totally smiling for you right now.