Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out with the Old

I am ready to be like the Buddha. I'm done with all the vitriol of this house sale and my own participation in it (even if I'm not able to truly say what I want to the people buying our house, I have been thinking it and have been using language that is not graceful or generous in intention... to say the least).

Now that I can see the possibility of an end to this process, I am ready to put my defenses down so that I can fully immerse myself in the excitement of our new home. The fearful, vicious-talking person who has taken over my body, guarding my emotions and protecting our family from any harm needs to recede again. It's been years since she's showed up and now I'll be happy to see her go back to the shadowy cave where she hibernates.

Let the new owners of our house find out for themselves that the magic of a house must be placed there. I feel sorry for them, but I cannot worry about them and any future strife that they might try to create.
I'm not guaranteeing that I'll be able to hold my tongue when I talk to my girlfriends about this, but I promise to try to reframe the experience as a positive one when I am finally sitting in my new home.
Breathe. Breathe.

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  1. I know you're way too kind and giving a person to let this get you down!