Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Tunnel of Slumber

This is where my littlest daughter sleeps.

Yes, it's a tunnel.

You know how, when you're pregnant, you go through the motions of touring every baby store and touching every soft blankie and painstakingly selecting a layette and the "perfect" crib? Then you daydream about the "perfect" little girl's room, all pink and bunnies and princesses and...

Well, I never thought to include a sleeping tunnel.

I shouldn't have been surprised, really. My kids are creative sleepers. One is a reformed sleepwalker (now a comatose sleep-talker who could literally sleep until 10am) and the other takes FOREVER to get to sleep. The tunnel was actually created as a little fort for reading: two of the mattress pads we use for sleepovers rolled up burrito-style and filled with blankets and pillows. One night, my youngest passed out in the middle of reading "One Fish, Two Fish"... and now it's the only place she'll sleep.

With all of these sleep eccentricities, I guess I won't go into why, in a 5-bedroom house, all three of my kids sleep in one room... I'll save that one for later.

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