Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pack-Out Day

Moving Day April 2010 from Erin Shachory on Vimeo.

So, I look a little more like the crypt keeper than I'd like, but I took this video in the midst of our "pack-out" day (a little military jargon for this former military brat). This is sort of our "PCS" (permanent change of station) and is so much like what I remember from my childhood: packing up your "household" items (furniture and clothes and toys and things that you can live without for a month or so while it's in transit) a month before you move into your new home; in a week, we'll move our "temporary" stuff (the things we cannot live without during that month). It's all very exciting and weird.

And, to boot, it's sort of breezy today, so the wind has been howling through the house all day. Ushering in the new, I suppose!

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