Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Lasting Influence of Michael Jackson

This guy may not seem like the likeliest person to continue the legacy of the King of Pop, but things are not always what they seem.

This weekend, our school's annual Variety Show was packed with talented kids (super cute ones like my own little cheetah!) and parents. There were singers and dancers and musicians and actors and a crazy good emcee plucked from our school's alumni (Mr. Spencer Abrams, sir, you done good).

But the stand-out for me might have to be this kid.

I've known him for a long time now -- he's the youngest child of my good friend Barbie, whom I met when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten (and then Brownies) with her daughter. I've always seen him as the "baby" of the family, just a cute kid that tags along with us at all the school functions.

How wrong I've been. You have to see the video from his kindergarten class' Tribute to The King of Pop this weekend. Besides the incredible guitar work from a class dad and the adorable choreography - not to mention the cuteness of these kinders, I mean really - the thing that STANDS OUT is this little guy. He's dead center... and for good reason. He's so into the music that it just makes him want to dance his guts out. He's feelin' it from his shiny socks to the sparkle on his single glove.

What also struck me is how important Michael Jackson's music has been to our culture. When he died, I felt a little perplexed by how all of his weirdness (pedophilia charges, bleached skin, alien face) seemed to fade into the background. But now I'm feelin' it, too. I just want to sing and celebrate these songs again, and I'm a little excited for these kids, who get to experience them for the first time.

So long, King of Pop. Welcome to the stage, Little Hat Man.


  1. I've never believed that Michael was guilty of any wrong-doing with children. He was just a weirdo. Period. Would I let my kids spend the night at his house? No. But not because I'd worry about sexual abuse. Any parent who would allow it is also the same one who would try to sue for millions.
    People in small African villages and in the Southeastern Asian jungles may not know anything else about America or pop culture but they know Michael. Because he's amazing and inspirational.(just like this little guy)

  2. PS The video is of Glee which is awesome too!

  3. That's true... I don't know if I would have let my kids have a slumber party with the King of Pop either... I'd be afraid of llama attacks...

  4. I'm still smiling about last night - everything from the simple, lovely sweetness of the Jason Mraz/ukelele number, to the multitude of off-the-charts adorable acts featuring cheetahs, and Betsy Ross, and white-gloved dancing darlings to name a few. Little Hat Man has a special place in my heart. Thanks for the shoutout to my kid who fills me with joy every day. Is it just me, or was this the best Variety Show yet??

  5. Yes, It was the best yet! Probably not to be topped. At least for me, but ya'never know kids really supprise you. Little Hat Man lights up our lives and fills us with amazement everyday. My kids rock(literally)!!!